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Team Requirements  |  Rules

We are an all inclusive Subaru team; this means any year, model, build stage is welcome.  This team is a family.  The events we host are intended not only to enjoy the cars, but to spend time together.  

We strongly encourage participation across the multiple meets and events we schedule throughout the year.  We are respectful and courteous to each other, and the places that host us.  

We do not condone take overs, burn outs, street racing, or any other illicit activity. 


Please read the below recruitment process and member rules prior to applying.  We look forward to having you!


Rules are rules and they are in place for many reasons.  We want to make sure you understand these rules.  If you have questions DM us on IG and let us know. 

Subaru Vehicle

Every member must own a Subaru vehicle (any year or model) in order to gain and maintain membership status.  

If at any time this changes, Leadership must be informed promptly.  Failure to do so can result in forfeiture of future membership eligibility.

Meets / Events Requirements

In order to be considered for an official Rumble Squad membership, each prospective member (recruit) is required to attend a minimum of three (3) Rumble Squad (RS) approved events.   

All RS approved events will have our RS logo on the event poster/flyer/notification.

Recruits will need to check-in with a member of leadership at any event in order to receive attendance credit. 

All official members are encouraged to maintain an event schedule of at least two (2) events/meets every quarter (3 months).

Team ChaT

Once approved as a recruit, you are required to participate in our recruit chat throughout your application process.  Communication within our team is vital; we are not a team without it. 

This carries over to our official members as well. Fluidity and cohesiveness within the team is what makes it a team.  We may not be the right fit for everyone, and that's ok.  Our chats are a great way not only for us

but for our recruits and new members to see if we are all a good fit.

Website / Merch / Sponsors

As you may have noticed, members of the public are unable to access important pages on our website.  Once membership status is obtained, you will be required to register on our website. 

This allows you access to remaining pages, including club merchandise, event registration, and our sponsors/discount pages. These are privileges that are only allotted to official members.

Membership Status

While we are a "come one, come all" organization, RS membership is a do-all, end-all membership.  Membership to our club means it's the only club. 

Because we have high expectations of our members in participation and communication, we feel as though additional club memberships can interfere with the dedication we expect from and provide to our members. 

We ask  that you politely decline any other car club membership opportunities while with Rumble Squad. If it is found that an RS member maintains or gains membership with any other car club while part of the RS group it can result in immediate expulsion from RS, with forfeiture on any future membership eligibility.

ALL members are required to have / do the following:

1. Showcase at least one (1) Rumble Squad decal or banner on your vehicle.  These must visually appealing.  No peeling, torn or otherwise damaged decals please

2. Add / Mention Rumble Squad on your Instagram Bio section

Member Conduct

Remember that even when not at an RS event, you still represent our team.  Rumble Squad does not condone poor car community behavior.  

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY regarding take overs, burn outs and street racing.  Participation in any banned activity will result in immediate expulsion from the club.

Have Fun!

While the above seems a bit heavy, we most importantly want our members to have fun.  Our events are planned to be social events as well. Team events should feel as though you're hanging out with friends instead of something stuffy and official. 

Don't hesitate to suggest meets and/or events to the group! While Leadership does schedule and plan out quite a few events we welcome participation from club members as well.  

Going somewhere and would love for your RS squad to join in? Let us know in the group chats and see what can be worked out.  Many of us are happy to tag along or join other members.  We encourage comradery amongst the team!

Last, But Not Least...

Once membership status is achieved, you will have 24 hours to register to the website, visit the online shop and purchase a New Member Kit.

The New Member Kit includes:

- First Official RS Decal (this one is white, but you can order additional colors on the website once you're a member) along with additional goodies to celebrate your new membership!


If you decide the RS team is not right for you, we ask that you do the following to remove your member status:

- Communicate your departure with a member of Leadership.

- Remove any RS paraphernalia including decals, banners, accessories with 24 hours of club departure. 

- Remove any RS posts, tags, etc. from your social media within 24 hours of club departure. 

- Respectfully move forward.  Just because we were not a right fit for each other, does not mean we (and you) are not a right fit for others.  We don't speak ill of any of our previous members irrespective of the nature of their departure, and we ask that they do the same.

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